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Altair32 Emulator Project This is the beginnings of my Altair-related documents archive. Some of the items, like the Homebrew Computer Club newsletter, are more general but for now will be consolidated here.


Altair 8800

Altair 8800b Peripheral Cards (General)

Peripheral Cards from other Manufacturers

   Documents relating to the Dazzler emulation. The D+A board and joystick were required for certain Dazzler programs:

Computer Notes Newsletter

Homebrew Computer Club Newsletter Instruction Manuals
  • Altair BASIC Reference Manual (v3.2), 8/75 (3.9mb) (pdf)(JC)
  • Altair BASIC Reference Manual (all versions), 7/77 (7.6mb) (pdf)
  • AltairDOS User's Manual (pdf) (HH)
  • Altair Programming System II manual (pdf)
  • PCC Accounting Package - G/L (9.6mb)(pdf)
  • PCC Accounting Package - A/R (11.1mb)(pdf)
  • PCC Accounting Package - Inventory (7.5mb)(pdf)
  • PCC Accounting Package - A/P (10.6mb)(pdf)
  • PCC Accounting Package - Payroll (11.8mb)(pdf)

Related Magazine Articles

  • BYTE (06/76) "About the Cover" introducing the Dazzler (pdf)
  • BYTE (12/76) "Cybernetic Crayon" (a drawing and graphics system) (pdf)
  • BYTE (11/79) "A Proposed Graphics Standard" (standardized system code) (pdf)
  • Interface Age (03/77) "Card of the Month: Dazzler" (pdf)
  • Interface Age (08/78) "Date and Time for CP/M" (pdf)
  • Mini-Micro (08/81) "Getting Compatible with CP/M" (pdf)

Data Sheets

  • Intel 8080 Instruction Set summary (4.8mb)(pdf)
  • Complete Intel 8080 Data Sheet (7.1mb)(pdf)
  • Intel 8080 Assembly Language Programming Manual (7.3mb)(pdf)

Submitted Files

Pictures of the Cromemco Dazzler emulation in operation: pic1, pic2

  • CP/M User's Group File Archive (4.8mb) (zip)
  • SIG/M User's Group File Archive (44.1mb) (zip)
  • SIMTEL CP/M Message Archive (7.8mb) (zip)
  • Miscellaneous MITS Papertapes (17k) (zip): This archive contains paper tape images for the MITS Assembler, Editor, Debugger, Monitor, and Vector Graphics VDM drivers. No documentation is available for these yet so I don't know how to load or run them.
  • Martin Eberhard created a bunch of utilities and instructions for working with and manipulating real MITS Absolute Tape Format tapes. This file contains the utilities and instructions. (zip)(0.7mb)

Web Links

Herb Johnson: http://retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/s100.html

Howard Harte: http://www.hartetechnologies.com/manuals

Bitsavers: http://www.bitsavers.org

IttyBittyComputers: http://www.ittybittycomputers.com/

Vintage Computer Festival: http://www.vintage.org/

Vintage Computer Index: http://vintage-computer.com/vcforum/index.php

My other Classic Computing web site: http://www.classiccmp.org/cini

The N8VEMM CP/M Project: http://groups.google.com/group/n8vem


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